Generational Shifts and Talent Acquisition: The CHRO's New Playbook
You Should KnowJuly 02, 202400:49:52

Generational Shifts and Talent Acquisition: The CHRO's New Playbook

We look at how CHROs navigate generational shifts in the workforce, focusing on talent acquisition, internal mobility, remote work, and candidate experience, offering insights and strategies for building a future-ready, inclusive workplace.


  1. Evolving CHRO Roles: CHROs are increasingly focusing on strategic investments in technology, learning, development, and internal mobility.
  2. Generational Perspectives: Understanding the diverse work environment and remote work preferences of different generations, particularly Gen Z, is crucial.
  3. Talent Acquisition and HR: Generational shifts are reshaping hiring practices, workplace expectations, and the role of CHROs.
  4. Internal Mobility and Candidate Experience: Prioritizing internal mobility and enhancing candidate experience are vital for effective talent acquisition.
  5. Strategic Business Alignment: CHROs must align HR strategies with overall business goals to navigate compliance, remote work challenges, and workforce planning in a competitive job market.


00:00 Introduction and Tongue Twisters

03:18 Challenges Faced by CHROs: Compliance and Regulatory Laws

05:40 Evolving Role of CHROs: Strategic Investments and Priorities

09:00 Navigating Compliance and Legislative Changes

13:00 Workforce Planning and Internal Mobility

25:38 The Evolving Role of CHROs in Talent Acquisition and HR

29:24 Internal Mobility and Candidate Experience in Talent Acquisition

31:34 CHROs as Strategic Business Partners

43:06 Challenges and Opportunities in the Current Job Market

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