Dan Shoemaker, CRO at Accurate: Public Service to Corporate Juggernaut. His Story.
Inside the C-SuiteApril 08, 202400:50:00

Dan Shoemaker, CRO at Accurate: Public Service to Corporate Juggernaut. His Story.

Dan Shoemaker, Accurate's Chief Revenue Officer, recounts his trajectory from politics to business success. He reflects on his early years in retail politics and campaign work, followed by his shift to public policy in the governor's office. Transitioning to the private sector, he discovered he excelled at marketing and sales, re-educated himself, and built the confidence to run board rooms.

We learn about this and more in this weeks episode of inside the C-SUITE

Key Takeaways:

1. Adapting and learning new skills are crucial when moving from politics to the business world.

2. Retail politics teaches valuable lessons in communication, sales, and marketing.

3. Success in high-pressure situations hinges on thorough preparation and confidence.

4. Infrastructure projects offer tangible and lasting impacts.

5. Background screening has evolved, leveraging technology to expedite processes.

6. P&L roles and international experience provide valuable growth opportunities.

7. Regular reflection on personal goals is essential in a career journey.

8. Embrace new opportunities and challenges; don't limit your aspirations.


00:00 Introduction and Current Role

02:39 Chief Revenue Officer Position

03:00 Transition from Politics to Business

05:23 Early Years and High School

06:30 College and Interest in Politics

08:26 Experience in Retail Politics

09:39 Lessons Learned from Political Campaigns

11:29 Transition to Public Policy

13:04 Skills Developed in Politics

14:31 Working in the Governor's Office

19:51 Government Marketing Role

20:33 Screening Needs Post-9/11

22:07 Infrastructure and Tangible Results

22:59 Infrastructure Projects in the DC Area

24:03 Background Screening and Private Investigation

25:13 Transition to Technology in Background Screening

26:31 The Evolution of Background Screening Turnaround Time

27:21 Government vs Commercial Background Screening

28:06 Transition to Business Strategy and MBA

29:17 Balancing Work, Family, and MBA

31:02 Transition to Strategy and Corporate Development

32:29 Transition to P&L Roles and CEO Aspirations

34:22 International Expansion and Integration

37:20 Challenges and Changes in Career Path

39:31 Taking Time Off and Reflecting on Career Goals

43:20 Advice from 10-Year-Old Self

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